Spring Egg Decorating!

Decoupaged Goose Eggs

Decoupaged Goose Eggs

Spring egg decorating is such a fun and honored tradition. Eggs symbolize new hatchlings and the fertility of the coming season. They have long been venerated as symbols of spring, and decorating them just adds to the magic. I love repeating the same loved procedure each year but I also think branching out can be fun. [Continue reading…]

Vintage Pearls and Hankies: Romantic Spring Dining Table Centerpieces and Décor!


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Oh how I adore the spring!! Colors are returning. New buds are emerging. Time for all of us to bring forth our new thoughts, ideas, and imaginings, and let them blossom! Hope you love my spring-inspired table centerpieces and decor! [Continue reading…]

Bunnies, Chicks, & Eggs: Spring Table Decor Full of Fancy & Fun!


Looking for ideas of seasonal table decorations? table decor? table centerpiece ideas? Look no further! “There is another sort of day which needs celebrating in song — the day of days when spring at last holds up her face to be kissed, deliberate and unabashed. On that day no wind blows either in the hills […]

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Baskets & Cherry Blossoms: Traditional Spring Dining Table Centerpieces and Décor

Full Spring Equinox Table Image

Looking for ideas for your spring dining table centerpieces and décor? Combining pinks, greens, eggs, baskets, and cherry blossoms… you can never go wrong with traditional colors and themes! Every component of this lovely spring table setting is detailed here. Feel free to browse and enjoy!

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Spring Party Crackers

Spring Equinox Cracker

Nothing says fun like holiday crackers! Who doesn’t love sitting around the holiday table in December, popping open those lovely little snapping mysteries to discover what hidden goodies may be inside? Then of course there are the riddles and the paper crowns

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Spring Cabbage Baskets

Spring Equinox Place Setting

What could cultivate the ambiance of spring better than faux cabbage baskets filled with colorful chocolate eggs?

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Spring Gift Ideas

The Dance of Spring

Though celebrations should be about the season and togetherness rather than materialism, a wonderful way to help children enjoy holidays is through the exchange of small, meaningful gifts, especially ones that may help clarify the idea behind the festival for them. One such gift is a book to be read and enjoyed as a family. […]

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Ideas for Dinner: Spring Festival Sample Menu

Frosted Egg Biscuit Cookies

Looking for ideas for dinner that are seasonally appropriate and indeed special for spring? This is a five course sample menu fit for a king! The operative idea here is new veggies, lots of colors, light, crisp, cool, and fresh!! YUM!! Also, you might find it wonderfully enjoyable and downright relaxing to take the meal […]

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Craft Ideas For Spring: DIY Party Hats!

Holiday & Hearth Holiday and Hearth Lisa Novelline Lisa Anne Novelline author writer The Dance of Spring craft blog creative blog creativity blog festival celebration seasons nature blog spring equinox ostara DIY party hats hat template lace pom poms rick rack pastel pink gingham polka dots kids sunny fun children

 “Spring is nature’s way of saying, Let’s party!” ~ Robin Williams Looking for craft ideas for spring? Look no further! And what says a party like party hats?  Their coordinated whimsy invites children of all ages to celebrate! When I decided that hats were a must for this year’s spring fling, I set out to buy […]

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Craft Ideas for Spring: Tissue Paper Flowers!

Tissue paper flowers

  Looking for craft ideas for spring? Nothing announces this particular season like flowers, and these beauties… where to start?! Tissue paper flowers are easy to make and lovely to look at. They also have many decorative uses, exercise our creativity, tap into the amazing natural color palette of the season, and reconnect many of […]

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